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Already accepted oral communication
(on 15st february 2018)


Achelle Sylvain

Protonable nitrogen-based heterocyclic chromophores for white light emission.

Laboratoire Institut des sciences chimiques de Rennes (France)

Efremova Aaron Snezna

Establishment of an EC50 database of pesticides using Vibrio Fischeri bioluminescence method

Department of Medical and Experimental Biochemistry (Macedonia)

Girotti Stefano

Chemometric analysis and bioluminescent assay combined to identify honey geographical origin and adulterations

University of Bologna (Italy)

Kalita Jitumani

Phototransferred thermoluminescence and thermally-assisted optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry using ?-Al2O3:C,Mg

Rhodes University (South Africa)

Llorent-Martínez Eulogio J.

Graphene quantum dots-terbium ions as novel time-resolved luminescent probes

Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry,
Faculty of Experimental Sciences,
 University of Jaén (Spain)

Manam Jairam

Near Infrared Long Persistent Nanophosphors for Bio Imaging Applications

Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines)
 Dhanbad (India)

Mishra Devesh

Compact battery powered thermoluminescence (TL) reader system for in field radiation dosimetry applications

Radiological Physics and Advisory Division,
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,
Mumbai, India (India)

Ouyang Jin

Synthesis and application of highly sensitive fluorescent probes

Beijing Normal University (China)

Petrova Angelina

Fluorescence analysis of polyaromatic hydrocarbons photodegradation

Tomsk State University (Russia)

Polupan Georgiy

Impact of AlGaInAs strain reducing layer on Emission of InAs quantum dots Embedded in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well

Instituto Politecnico Nacional (Mexico)

Ramesh Chatragadda

Bacterial bioluminescence: Biology and applications

Department of Ocean Studies and Marine Biology,
Pondicherry University (India)

Rojas Hernandez Rocio

Tb3+ / Yb3+ doped aluminosilicate phosphors for visible emission and efficient up-conversion

Centro de Química Estrutural,
Instituto Superior Técnico, (Portugal)

Seidel Michael

Flow-based chemiluminescence microarrays as tool for rapid detection of pathogens and toxins

Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Sharma Shailendra

Photoluminescence properties of MoS2 quantum dots synthesized by one-step hydrothermal method

Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines)
Dhanbad (India)

Torchynska Tetyana

Antibody impact on emission of bioconjugated CdSe/ZnS and CdSeTe/ZnS quantum dots

ESFM-Instituto Politecnico Nacional,

Zhang Xinrong

Photoluminescence Imaging of Newly Synthesized Proteins in Living Cells

Tsinghua University [Beijing] (China)

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